2020 Evaluation

Gosh, where to begin?

This will be a monthly index as far as I remember.

In the beginning of January I was unemployed and living anxiety of future, thinking what’s going to happen. I had weird coincidences and I did not even know it till my bestie enlightens me. Gossip saves lives sometimes! Otherwise I would be waiting, thinking what I did wrong in reality it is not about me. People have unreasonable choices especially people with unsatisfied lives, it has nothing to do with me. It is my luck that I have been crossed with that woman second time in my career. Lesson learnt: Don’t dwell on such cases. Later I had an interview and I got an advice to be open for tricky questions which is way easier for me to do because I kinda suck at playing politics. Lesson learnt: Honesty is the best policy with a humble attitude. You can explain anything if counterpart is willing to listen and talking to right people at the right time has great influence.

February was cool, I have went to Davraz and had great time with family and friends and surprised mom on her birthday. Then I start a new job with wish of encountering reasonable people 🙂 Look at this, being reasonable is such a basic principle in life yet it is quite hard to find since people are not grown up, have their personal motives and human life has no worth in their agenda even though they are working each day to contribute to enhance human lives. What an irony! It is not surprising that my overly analytic brain can not cope with this. Lesson learnt: Always have time for fun no matter how uncertain the situation is. And you can only wish for “good people” and that just luck.

March was overwhelming, I was in the middle of a data base lock and getting used to new environment and schedule than PANDEMIC happens! Lovely! Uncertainty I adore! Once again everyone speaks of their mind and all the predictions what is going to happen made me look away. There is no help of speculating future because it is unpredictable. Now it has been 9 months and it is not getting any better. I was not expecting any less from this sick world. (Pun intended 🙂 )

April was a lot of cooping up with the changed order and it put almost everyone in a mindset out of the box. Many things happened that I expect to happen in years ahead, so finally people got some sense of reason which is a good side of pandemic. Work still goes on even if you don’t get to office. It also multiplies like 3 fold and it is still running on resilience and vigilance of some strong minded people.

May was all about finding the documents. Here and there. It can be quite annoying diving through someone else’s mess which is a trend of 2020. It started in may. The awareness I got after this year and when I look at retrospectively made me realize that do not be willing to put the extra effort to be in good graces, because if it is one it becomes 100 in no time. And it does not pay back. Unfortunately.

June was my birthday, when I go through the videos of my birthday I just see that I am tired. I have no wish other than not losing my loved ones and no one messing with my peace. Is not it weird that I do not have any other wishes? How come I became such a person? Then it got me thinking what’s going on in my life. Voila finally, I started to think about myself.

July was kinda happy and a lot of travelling; I always wanted a pet, a cat but a cute calm one. I am so happy that I got my fur ball Hamur. People practice their faith by sacrificing animals I practice it saving this little one. Apparently I cant save humanity coz people suck, this is my way of comforting myself being useful as a cat mom 🙂 Lesson learnt: There is no harm in putting effort for something makes you happy 10 folds back. Have a space for spontaneity.

August was a milestone, I have met some new people. I can not tell it is good or bad since relationships are like walking on a blade. You never know which side you will fall on and where it will hurt you. Does not matter which side it will hurt sooner or later. People will reveal their true selves once this happens. My wish for 2020 was not to meet with people on this level yet destiny has its own intriguing ways. Rest of 2020 I was in the process of getting to know true selves of some. Got my conclusion as of today. Also, remember, I said that I has started to think about myself and it got me 2 months to get to see a dietician to lose weight. When it comes to me, looks like I have plenty of time to achieve what I want which is a total lie. Life is short and you have limited amount of time in this world. I need to be more prompt for the things I want for myself. Lessons learnt!

September was a beginning of a shit show. I can not got into details after all I spent 4 months protecting my grounds through it while it is becoming a shit storm. As ISFJ personality type I am always giving way more than deserved time energy into something I care about .I finally realized there is no reciprocity. And there will be none since this is order of the world and it is rare to find. And I am just a nut in a nutshell who has no better luck than anyone else. You will be judged with your only mistake and other people’s perspectives no matter what you have achieved. And I have seen enough that there is no consequence of these mistakes for others thus there is no reason to fear. People get away with things by playing the fool. And it is more sustainable! I prefer not go in that path because I am not a mediocre fool, it is neither honest nor ethical yet all the things happened drags me here. I can not take back the time I put, I can not undone the work I have done but if this gives me peace of mind, I will be the happies fool. Biggest lesson got from 2020 and all the experience I have comes to this; Stay in your predefined lines, and stay off the grid. And I am going to do as it pleases me, make it count for the times I have already given.. There is comfort in mediocrity.

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