Title falan yok.

Yine aşırı tersimden kalktığım bir gün. Pazar, insanların uyumayı evde rahatlamayı kendi hallerinde olacakları bir gün. Peki bugun ben ne yapıyorum? Slide hazırlıcam, amk işleri asla bitmiyor. Uyanır uyanmaz okuduğum mail efsane. Rejected, rejected. 1 tanesi yetmezmiş gibi 2 tane arka arkaya. eyvallah. sonra neden buraya sıkışıp kaldın diye hissediyosun?! Bi yanım kalmak istiyor, herşeyin […]

27 March Updates

Hello Everyone!!! What a weird life this is! The inspection is over finally over. And I am waiting for the aftermath. I am up and down! In my therapy of last week I had realized very deep things about my family. How we see each other. The perspective was very interesting to see. I am […]

14 MARCH Updates

Wow, it has been a month! It was a crazy month and it was more like an emotional roller coaster. I knew I was not doing great, I took some significant measures! It even felt good to make the decision. And I cried a lot in the session. We laugh about that a lot with […]

14 FEB 2021 Updates

It has been two weeks, last week I did not feel like doing anything. I don’t feel like anything now either but here I go, at least I can do is to write and get it out of my head. Btw happy forking valentines day! I am officially burnt out. I don’t know how nobody […]

30 JAN 2021 Updates

Guten Morgen!! Another week that I have not done anything for learning German! Congrats to me! I am still 76 but I have done some 2 freeletics exercises and I have been having sour legs whole week. It seems like working! This week my aim is 3 and maybe I should start going to my […]

24 Jan 2021 Updates

Hello from another week I could not gather myself around having a life other than work and some obsessions. My edges are still sharp. It is windy outside, gray and there are rain drops at my windows. My subscription to Rosetta Stone has been wrong, somehow application managed to get the full access on French. […]

Updates 17 JAN 2021

There is snow outside, neighborhood is white and quite. Tori Amos-Winter is on in the background. My internet connection is shit I feel kinda alone and that’s why I am writing. I need to get things out of my head and I constantly need to check on myself. It is peaceful now, moment of realization. […]

2021 Plans

After quick grocery shopping. The shopping has been done and some stuff has happened in the last day of 2020. Now it is the first day of the year and I already messed up my sleeping routine. What a lovely beginning but it was worth it, believe me 🙂 So.. this year it will be […]

2020 Evaluation

Gosh, where to begin? This will be a monthly index as far as I remember. In the beginning of January I was unemployed and living anxiety of future, thinking what’s going to happen. I had weird coincidences and I did not even know it till my bestie enlightens me. Gossip saves lives sometimes! Otherwise I […]

Life in a nutshell

I am here to keep a journal regarding what is going on this nutshell, my life. It is a nutshell because I am feeling stuck and I think everyone is kinda stuck somewhere due to pandemic. I am losing the sense of anything is possible, life got me understand that this is not real. I […]

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